The Enriching Guitar Program
For Women; By Women


Here Are Some Features of Our Girls With Guitars PRO-gram!

-Weekly Private Instruction
-Monthly Group Meetup
-Recording Opportunity
-Performance Opportunity at Our End of 
 Program Showcase!
-Cool Girls With Guitars Items, Including a



The students will have an opportunity to experience performing in front of a live audience of fellow peers and parents, to display a song they've been working on/ an original song of their own. This performance will be curated ahead of time in group session and in private lessons. This preparation will set each student up to be confident when showcasing their talents and craft their presentation skills. 

This event will take place on a weekend afternoon at a restaurant location TBA closer to each date. 


Private lessons

Whether you're interested in classical music, you're an aspiring acoustic singer songwriter, or you feel like rocking out with your electric guitar, we have you covered! Once a week, each student will have their own time slot for a private lesson. This lesson will be one hour in length and the same time each week at the teachers' studio or in your home *(at an extra charge). 

Once Monthly, the students will have group session at the studio in downtown Toronto.

Here is where leadership through music begins. Not only will the students have a chance to share with one another and support each other's goals and progress, but additionally a focus on leadership will be instilled. It is our belief that many life skills can be executed through music and performance. Specifically, this will be a hang out vibe, packed with activities and music. The group sessions are 1.5 hours in length.

This is a chance for young women to feel like they have a safe space to share their ideas/ strengths and struggles. This is an all inclusive space that will have a #1 rule of acceptance of everyone involved. Do not fear that your child might be on the outside looking in. Everyone gets the chance to equally participate/ be heard/ be seen. This is a rule we outline and repeat throughout our sessions. 

Each instructor/ facilitator for the sessions and lessons have had a criminal check / vulnerable sector screening.
Each leader is heavily involved in the music industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They just so happen to also be great with kids!


That's right! Just like a pro, you will get the chance to record 2 songs over the course of the program. These songs can be a cover, an original, a song you learned on guitar, or just vocals with an instructor accompaniment. These make for perfect gifts for family as well as important glimpses of progress that you can actually refer to!

Upon registration, you will receieve:

- A timetable sent through email of available private lessons time slots.

Please choose your slot and specify if the lesson will be in your home or in our studio. * reminder: in home lessons have an additional fee depending on your location.

- A "Girls with Guitars" tee shirt.

Please include required size in email.

These are youth sized shirts.

- "Girls with Guitars" guitar picks and stickers and bag to keep your materials in. 

- A Meet & Greet invitation to happen before the program begins. You will meet your instructor as well as the director of Girls with Guitars. 


Registration takes place each 4 month term.

This current registration is for our program beginning in October and running until February. The opportunity to renew a discounted rate will take place, each time you extend and continue the program. 

Our rate is competitive with other music schools, who teach a weekly lesson at the going rate. Essentially with our program, the access to group sessions, the showcase, and recordings are just a bonus! 


8 spots remaining! 

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Questions/ Concerns/ Registration Assistance

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